seven weeks.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
I just returned from a five day break in Miami. It was a bit strange being my first time in the States since July 16th, but all in all it was wonderful. I was able to rest and spend time with my family and friends. I was also able to think about these last seven weeks approaching me. I can hardly believe it. Some days I feel like I've been here forever! Other times it seems so short.
I know that there are four things I need to accomplish in this time. They are four faces, four prayers. Four people who need help in four very different ways.

1) Wilny D'Haiti is 27, he has three children at home. He has lymphoma covering the entire back of his head. He wears a hat to keep away the stares. I'm not one to be disturbed by much, but the lesions and lumps on his head are hard for even me to look at. He is the one I was raising money for. For a long time I was told that there is no chemotherapy in Haiti. Through great connections and friends I've discovered that that isn't necessarily true so Wilny has been undergoing a series of tests so that he might be accepted for treatment. He will hopefully have his CT scan this week, which will give the doctors even clearer insight into what is needed. Please pray that he is accepted and that his treatment plan is set before I leave here.

2) Andre. Many of you know him. He's a eighteen year old boy who has been living here at the hospital since shortly after the earthquake. He needs a home. Andre comes from an abusive family and suffers from JRA so he is unable to do very much for himself. He has to eat a liquid to pureed diet and cannot get around without constant pain. He has nowhere to go. He currently sleeps on a cot in the hallway. Pray that we find somewhere to place him this month.

3) Kensia is a 15 year old girl with a heart murmur so loud you can practically hear it while standing next to her. She is in need of an aortic valve replacement due to severe aortic regurgitation and stenosis. I have managed to get two NGOs interested in her case and she could possibly have heart surgery in the Dominican or Israel depending on the assessments. She has a meeting tomorrow with CURE international who has promised to get her paperwork/passport ready. Please pray that the paperwork is processed quickly and her surgery is scheduled before December 17th.

4) Soline and David. I have mentioned them before. David is an 9 month old HIV positive baby, who is once again in a tent on the hospital grounds because he got sick at the orphanage. Soline, his mom, just turned 18. She is anxious to work but has no family support or resources. She does not have any friends. She had a really rough day today. She's alone in a country that is not kind to unwed mothers with HIV. Pray that we can find somewhere for her to live, pray that she can find work. Pray that David survives.


Valerie said...

Thanks for letting us pray with and for you. Glossary please: JMA ?

by Jessica Scott said...

my bad, it's JRA...juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.