on a brighter note...

Sunday, November 7, 2010
One answered prayer already! David, the HIV baby that I've mentioned a couple of times before was placed in what I believe is the only HIV orphanage in the country! Thanks to our new medical director's connection. He will have all the access he needs to medical care and treatment. His mother is able to visit as she wants. Please continue to pray for somewhere for her to go as her family wants nothing to do with her.

He is the Provider.


Steve said...

Jessica, Stephen Tonkin an Account Manager for Smiths Medical has offered medical supplies for HAH. I do not have your email, but will send a note to Frantz Bastien and Danny McAtee who had posted Frantz address for medical supplies. I had sent a Photo Album for Jimmy Leonard of Micheala, the baby Brook and Marten transferred to Miami Field Hospital, about 3 weeks ago and Frantz still has not received the package. I just wanted to make sure if Smiths Medical send medical supplies you receive them. Please email Stephen and or me with the mailing information. Danny had posted Frantz Bastien, 63 Daquini, Carrefour, Haiti as the address, which is the same one Frantz had me send the package. Please do not be discouraged, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and you are there doing what you can with Gods support. Please know how blessed you are to be there. Love Janis Strickland
email: SteveStricklandVacation@gmail.com. Stephen Tomkin email: