is it Sunday..?

Sunday, September 19, 2010
After being almost completely emerged amongst Adventists, I rarely know what day it is anymore.

Blog posts are few and far between these days and I guess that is a testament to the "honeymoon phase" being over. The teams have been phenomenal the last couple of weeks and I also had a five day vacation in the DR with my parents. It was really good to get away from Port-au-Prince, although I confess my brain was here the whole time.

I felt like I was coming home when Richard picked me up from the airport and it's good to be back at work. Our census is down to ONE page and while we have some very sick patients who will be here a long time, we have lots of space for the new Ortho MD who arrives on Tuesday. We actually have a full three days without an Ortho Surgeon here, which is a first for us, but it's been good to breathe and get organized before the chaos starts up again.

Prayers have been answered on the "political" front and it looks as though God is providing new leadership at the hospital that will hopefully help to fix many of the system problems. There are still a lot of questions when it comes to patient care that isn't Orthopedic, but I think things will start picking up quickly.

Our team is small right now, there are only six volunteers here, opposed to our usual teens and makes the hospital a quieter place and slightly more organized...although, Monday will be very interesting.

I continue to often be discouraged by the attitudes of the Haitian people. I don't know that I have mentioned it much because so many people read this blog that I have never met. But the entitlement and "give me" attitude starts to wear on you.

I spent yesterday in Jacmel at the spring (yes we went David!) and the beach. It was a beautiful drive and it got me wondering what other parts of Haiti are like. People can be extremely diverse in different parts of the states and I wonder if a lot of the attitudes that I deal with daily are localized to this city. The capital. The port. That area that has been most used and abused, pillaged and provided for for many years.

For those of you who pray, pray that I will love these people whole heartedly. Pray that I'll be selfless and have endurance. Some of them are so easy to love, others nearly impossible. (As it is with all people). But then, I'm not really doing it for them I guess. Michelle reminded me that there is a Nazarene guy who said it was all for him...